We Know What It Takes To Make Your Book A Best-Seller!


Book Publishing Consultation ($250/hr)

If it's your plan to create a book inspired by a greater power than yourself and made to reach the masses, this plan is for you. Before we move to producing this resource, it is important to seek professional consultation for your project so you can create a product that has marketable value to the general public.

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Our team of editors work for professional publishing houses across the country and understand what influences the ``trade``. If your product can sell immediate units, we will publish your resource. If you are not quite ready, we will advise you on tools to prepare you.

Pre-marketing materials ($3,500)

As soon as your manuscript is complete, the very next question that should run through your mind is 'how will I sell it'. We will create marketing graphics that will help create the buzz that is important to sell books before they are published. These products include:

Get Started Publishing Today!

  • Pre-promotional handbills (both paper and electronic)
  • Social media promotional statements about the book
  • Pre-promotional videos that give teasers to your potential market.

E-Book Package ($1000)

We have a significant number of writers coming to us to take advantage of the fact that over 50 percent of books sold today are in digital format only.

Our team will help the author to convert their manuscript and publish the book in E-book format to popular websites like Amazon.com, Readerslegacy.com, BarnesandNoble.com, BAM.com, iTunes and many more. The E-book Publishing Program is the most cost effective option for authors and is often chosen by authors with a limited budget who want to test the market with their books.

The following items are included in the E-book Publishing Program:

      • E-book Layout: We start with your finished book that you have provided in an MSWord doc format. After using our editorial services—or if you have waived that option—the book will be turned over to our expert graphic designers. Their job is to lay out the book to make it most appealing when read. It takes a skilled hand and eye to ensure the quality of the finished layout.
      • Barcode/Pricing Code: Each E-book requires a unique pricing code that complements the type of E-book. You will be given a unique code that will link you to your E-book.
      • Finalized Cover Art: Most authors request that we design the cover art for their E-book. Because we have produced thousands of E-books, we know what sells. Please talk to your publishing consultant about the best cover art for your project.

Book Publishing Package ($8999)


Most people who are inspired to write do not understand that writing is not the main criteria, but having a market and being a well-known brand are key ingredients to publishing in this industry.  If your goal is to publish and you feel you can sell at least 500 copies a month, I would strongly suggest investing in this package. The published package will consist of the following:

  • Help you to set up a budget so you will be able to see your investment in and revenue out
  • Set up your ISBN
  • Register your product with the Library of Congress
  • Edit your completed manuscript
  • Research the manuscript for historical facts and permissions if needed as well as create footnotes
  • Create a professional book cover that is in line with the genre
  • Design interiors which include “call outs”
  • Consult on the best printing job that fits the need and the overall budget for the project
  • Will Create Amazon Ready Resource

The Premiere Branding/Publishing Package ($10,000)

The biggest reason for such a lack in new talent in the Christian Publishing Industry is a lack of developing long-lasting brands. Brands can make or break your products if they are not developed correctly. We believe in building your brand from the ground up, so we schedule personal one on one consultations with those who feel that they not only have a book of resources, but they have a following that extend their brand.  This process works with both our aspiring authors as well as those who are inspirational speakers or business owners wanting to go to the next level. Here is how this plan can work for you:

      • We evaluate your potential product or message through a live consultation
      • We research the areas that have succeeded or failed with same idea
      • Once we determine your likeness we work with you to create a personalize logo
      • We highly suggest that you have professional pictures available or make plans to go to a photographer with a professional stylist accompanying  you
      • We begin to build the outline for your website
      • We begin to build the outline for your website
      • We incorporate the book or resource with the overall look
      • We design based on current technology on web development
      • High standard images and modern seasonal color schemes
      • We create business cards; and both electronic and paper letterhead
      • We create pre-marking videos that promote the website or the books or resource
      • Each site will be optimized to fit each client’s scope of exposure

Ala Carte Services

If you need help deciding on the direction you would like to go in publishing or branding, check the box for the service that you are requesting and fill out the form on this page.

If you are an author, church that is looking for a branding/rebranding campaign, or a publishing strategy for stellar publishing, contact us today. A professional consulting expert will speak to you about your options and services that we can provide for your project.

Ala Carte section (Publishing)

  • Book Cover Design $1500
  • ISBN $150
  • Registration Library of Congress $100
  • Pagination (Internal book Design) $15 Per Page
  • Logo Design $1000
  • Printing (TBD by quantity)
  • Table top book stands $50
  • Brochures (available)
  • Promotional videos (available)
  • Professional Voiceover for radio (available)
  • Professional Power Point presentation (available)
  • Stand up banners/Personalized table covers (available)
  • Promotional Yard Signs (available)
  • T-shirt Design $300
  • T-shirt print (available)
  • Business Cards/Letterhead/Envelopes design $200
  • Business Cards/Letterhead/Envelopes print (available)
  • Billboard Design (available)

Ala Carte section (Marketing & Merchandise collateral)

  • Logo Design $1000
  • Website Design $3,000+ (Includes 1 year hosting)
  • Professional Press Kit design $250+
  • Church CD/DVD cover design $450 per month
  • Social Media web banners $100 (Facebook, Twitter, IG, Pintrest)
  • Church Screen Banner $100 per banner (monthly charge negotiable)
  • Handbills design $150
  • Handbill print (available)

Pre-marketing Services $ 2500

  • Social Media banners
  • Facebook Header
  • Handbills design and Print (Up to 5,000)
  • Poster/Stand-up banner
  • Promotional video
  • Billboard Design (if necessary)